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Measuring pH in shampoo

Published 18. December 2015

Shampoo is a hair care product used for removal of dirt, dandruff, skin particles, oils and other contaminated particles.

As the scientists behind hair care progressed, manufacturers synthesized chemical additives for use in shampoo as fragrance, foaming agents, and colored dyes. Shampoo is now created and structured towards various hair types, as well as to achieve a certain end result, such as the reduction of dandruff or greasy hair. Both the synthetic and natural ingredients used in a shampoo dictate the pH of that particular product. The pH of a shampoo will alter the natural pH of skin and hair, which ideally falls between pH 3 and 5 and pH 4 and 5, respectively, thereby affecting their physical and chemical makeup.


How to Determine the Concentration of Gold and Palladium

Published 26. August 2015

Plating is known for centuries, and it is still widely used in a modern industry for various purposes. Depending on the specific application, surfaces may be plated for decorative purposes, to provide protection against corrosion, or to enhance function. Instead of creating products entirely out of metal, manufacturers often use plating techniques to coat less expensive materials with a thin metal film. These techniques drastically reduce production costs, especially when the required materials are precious metals such as gold or palladium.

concentration of gold

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How to Effectively Measure the Water Hardness

Published 07. August 2015

Water hardness is the concentration of mineral compounds that exist in a given amount of water and it presents the sum of calcium and magnesium salts.

water softening

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How Can Conductivity Measurement Affect the Yogurt Production

Published 04. August 2015

Yogurt, one of the most popular types of dairy products, is nowadays consumed worldwide. Yogurt is produced with milk, cream, or powdered milk products. The desired fat content depends on how the finished product is going to look like.

fermentation process in yogurt

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Importance of Agriculture in Kenya

Published 28. July 2015

Agriculture remains one of the most important economic activities in Kenya and represents more than 24 percent of gross domestic product. About 70 percent of production comes from small farmers, who have on average two hectares of land, depending on the region.

agriculture in africa

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Monitoring the Color of Drinking Water in Africa

Published 20. July 2015

About 300 million of Africans don't have access to safe drinking water and at least fourteen countries in the region suffer from the permanent water deficit. Of the fifty-five countries, where the consumption of drinking water per person and per day is below the minimum of fifty liters, established by the World Health Organization, thirty-five of them are in Africa.

drinking water in africa

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