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Measuring pH in shampoo

Published 18. December 2015

Shampoo is a hair care product used for removal of dirt, dandruff, skin particles, oils and other contaminated particles.

As the scientists behind hair care progressed, manufacturers synthesized chemical additives for use in shampoo as fragrance, foaming agents, and colored dyes. Shampoo is now created and structured towards various hair types, as well as to achieve a certain end result, such as the reduction of dandruff or greasy hair. Both the synthetic and natural ingredients used in a shampoo dictate the pH of that particular product. The pH of a shampoo will alter the natural pH of skin and hair, which ideally falls between pH 3 and 5 and pH 4 and 5, respectively, thereby affecting their physical and chemical makeup.




We have several discounted items that are available because of over stock or due to the arrival of newer models. The offer is valid until stock exhaustion. We update the list regularly but we kindly ask for your understanding in case the item is not available anymore.

* Prices do not include VAT

HI143 (T-Logger with Locking Wall Cradle)

  • Logging start through PC by pressing a button or at a set timeHI143
  • Selectable sampling interval from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Up to 4,000 logged samples
  • Min/Max measured values are stored and displayed
  • Security password
  • Waterproof protection

Price: 58.00 *

buy hswebshop


HI98103 (Checker® pH Tester)

  • High accuracy with 0.01 pH resolutionhi98103
  • Two point fast and accurate calibration
  • Usable with virtually any electrode that shares the same connector
  • 3000 hours of battery life
  • HI 1270 small diameter probe fitseasily into a test tube


Price: 25.50 *buy-hswebshop


HI1026-2505 (Industrial Flat Tip pH Electrode)

  • PH Electrode With Open JunctionHI1026 2505
  • GP Sensor
  • Wire
  • Pt1000
  • 5m Cable



Price: 398.68 *


HI142CH (Temperature Datalogger)

  • 1-2 channels with internal sensorHI142CH
  • With LCD
  • 16,000 samples/channel (1-channel models) or 8,000 samples/channel (2-channel models)
  • Logging interval from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Programmable high and low alarms
  • Non-volatile storage of logging
  • Waterproof casing
  • BEPS (Battery Error Protection System)
  • Range: -20.0 to 70.0°C


Price: 91.81€ *

Required Accessories:

HI141000 Windows aplication software

HI141001 Infrared transmitter






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